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  •  02 Jun 2007 14:34

Release Notes: The Asterisk package was updated to version 1.4.4. The Zaptel drivers were updated to version 1.4. Yeastar support was added to the zaptel drivers. freePBX was updated to the 2.2.1 version. A new "Date/Time/Timezone" configuration module was added. New support was added for third party modules. The Russian language is now supported. The Simplified Chinese language support was updated. Bugs were fixed.

  •  30 Mar 2007 12:42

Release Notes: An update to the French translation. The Asterisk package has been updated to the 1.2.17 version By default, the module chan_skinny is not loaded now. It is possible to configure the PostMaster email from the Web interface. Some RPMs have been updated to support a better upgrade process. There are some minor bugfixes.

  •  22 Mar 2007 12:51

Release Notes: Support has been added for Slovenian, Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, and Italian. The Asterisk package has been updated to 1.2.16. Zaptel drivers have been updated to 1.2.15. The kernel package has been updated to 2.6.9-42. There is a new email system with multi-domain support that includes a Web interface to administer it. There are some minor bugfixes.

  •  06 Feb 2007 07:00

Release Notes: Multi-lingual support was added. The Web interface has been translated to English, Spanish, French, Romanian, German, Chinese, Polish, and Korean. Wildfire, pre-installed with the Asterisk-IM plugin, is now included. Wildfire is a popular Jabber server. Asterisk 1.2.13 is now used, and it has been patched against a major bug. Version 2.2 of freePBX is now used. The distribution now uses RPM. The installation process was improved. The whole installation process is 20% faster. Minor enhancements were made to the billing menu. A new module was added for the user's permission administration. Some minor bugs were fixed.

  •  12 Jan 2007 03:42

Release Notes: The time box in the jscalendar window was eliminated. The "Status" field in the "Virtual Fax List" was implemented. This field shows the current state of a virtual fax device. The "system" menu help has been completed. A new "billing" menu was implemented with 4 modules: Rates, Report, Destination Distribution, and Trunk Configuration. Various improvements were made in the installer. Minor bugs were corrected.

  •  31 Dec 2006 22:12

Release Notes: A new ACL schema was added. Monitoring of system resources may be done.

  •  10 Mar 2006 16:57

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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