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Eternal Lands

Eternal Lands is a multi-platform (Windows/Linux) 3D isometric MMORPG. It requires a hardware-accelerated video card that supports at least OpenGL 1.2.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Feb 2012 04:31

    Release Notes: Two new monsters were added. There are new models for some existing monsters, new items, and many minor enhancements, optimizations, and bugfixes.

    •  26 Jun 2011 06:17

      Release Notes: This version brings many GUI improvements, new monster models, new clothing items, faster map loading, a faster particle system, and improvements to general appearance and speed.

      •  04 Jan 2011 08:10

        Release Notes: Improved artwork for player models and textures, improved GUI artwork, a new quest log with the ability to sort by individual quests, horse combat and archery, and some bugfixes.

        •  03 Apr 2010 05:21

          Release Notes: Most of the artwork has been improved. Support for emotes and 3D markers, both player defined and sent by the server, was added. The GUI has been improved and many bugs were fixed.

          •  12 Aug 2008 17:42

            Release Notes: A sky dome with more camera freedom has been added. There are GUI improvements, a better minimap, new particles and water effects, and many bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            16 Nov 2011 02:03 kspine

            Wondeful Design

            04 Jan 2011 12:31 dlekic

            One of (IMHO) the best "open-source" (client-only) MMORPG games, ever. I wish Radu updates screenshot because game actually looks much nicer than this screenshot above.

            16 Jan 2007 10:00 raduprv

            Re: core dumps
            Have you tried to post in our help forum?

            16 Jan 2007 09:21 pantang

            core dumps
            I've got the version 1.33 and a mandriva 2006 and whatever I tried, I got a core dump.

            Modify a new character ? core dump

            Move in game with the default character? core dump

            Ah no, the option panel didn't throw me a core dump, that's the only one.

            So all I saw from the game was the starting screen and the snapshots on the project's page. After 4 tries I got bored.


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