Version 1.1.3 of Embedthis Ejscript

Release Notes: This is a minor release with important fixes for reliability and security, including fixes for building on VxWorks, thread pool depletion, and use of the HTTP trace method.

    Other releases

    •  05 Feb 2014 23:34

      Release Notes: This is a minor release adding signed installation packages and support for SemVer and Embedthis Pak.

      •  30 Sep 2013 21:50

        Release Notes: This release adds support for Ecmascript6 functions in object literals.

        •  03 Apr 2013 02:31

          Release Notes: This maintenance release fixes makefiles and adds a "make deploy" target.

          •  03 Mar 2013 18:48

            Release Notes: This is an optimization and general fix release. It has optimizations for the Array class, Tar, and String classes. It adds base64() and sendmail() support.

            •  18 Dec 2012 06:47

              Release Notes: This minor feature release added a Mail module for sending mail messages. It also refined the Bit build tool's capabilities.


              Project Spotlight

              CloverETL Designer

              A visual data transformation designer for the CloverETL framework.


              Project Spotlight

              CoreTML framework

              A tool allowing the developer to create user-configurable source code templates.