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The Ejen program is a code and text generation system. It makes use of Java/XML/XSLT technologies and is implemented as an Ant task. It provides a complete generation, compilation, and deployment sequence, using XML "build" files and XSL filters and templates.

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Recent releases

  •  13 Aug 2003 18:04

    Release Notes: This release features a new "depends" node that allows conditional file generation by comparing dependent file times. Oasis XML catalog support has been added (allows the use of local DTD files). Several problems with relative paths resolution have been fixed. Examples and documentation have been updated and improved. There is a new Ejen plugin for Eclipse platform integration, available as a separate download.

    •  03 May 2003 19:56

      Release Notes: This is expected to be the 1.1 final release. A new "exec" node was added, which allows any XPath expression to be executed. Three XMLReaders were added: one for binary file reading, one for system specific command execution, and one for reading a text file line by line. Previous versions could not deal with stylesheets using an XSL prefix other than "xsl". This has been fixed, and is useful for XSL to XSL generation. New examples were also added or updated. (The EJB-2.0 demonstration is ready for JBoss-3.2.x distributions.)

      •  20 Jan 2003 13:46

        Release Notes: Antlr is now used instead of JavaCC. A version of JTidy is included for HTML parsing. All file references are now URIs, with default support for file, http, ftp, and jar protocols. Many new "nodes" were added: sax, option, variable, try, catch, finally, property, echo, if, choose, when, otherwise, foreach. New features include full namespace support, validation, and the ability to plug in specialized XMLReaders and DocumentBuilders. The EJB demo was completely rewritten, and now features 2.0 specification, DAO, hsqldb/PostgreSQL/MySQL support, and an XSL/servlet-based testing application.

        •  29 Apr 2002 15:35

          Release Notes: The documention and examples were updated. A port of the EJB 1.1 demonstration for PostgreSQL database has been added in The documention now contains a howto for PostgreSQL as well as new installation tips for JDK 1.4 users.

          •  04 Apr 2002 11:06

            Release Notes: Ejen now uses a (modified) Java parser generated by JavaCC in order to convert Java sources file into a DOM tree. Almost all String values in Ejen nodes and extensions parameters are now AVTs (Attribute Values Templates), which allows more flexibility. All examples, including the EJB 1.1 demonstration, are now available as a separate download. Documentation is now available for the Ejen system and the EJB 1.1 demonstration.


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