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  •  17 Oct 2013 13:36

Release Notes: This major version adds support for dedicated hotspare, SMART attributes, and adapter reset. SAS support is enhanced with methods for getting WWN, enclosure, and expander IDs. Disk write cache and power saving can be tweaked. More than 30 new adapters are supported. RAID auto-detection is improved for Adaptec, Intel, LSI, and SuperMicro adapters. The CLI was made more user friendly: it hints commands, allows abbreviations, and allows obvious settings to be omitted, and output is "humanized". Multiple compatibility issues are resolved with Ruby, Linux, dash, udev, hal, and large number of disks. A new testing framework was added.

  •  14 Dec 2008 14:53

Release Notes: Support for 3ware / AMCC controllers was added. Linux software RAIDs got full read/write support. All proprietary utilities referenced in Einarc were checked and corrected for their URLs and version numbers. Multiple wrapper regular expressions were fixed to support new versions of CLIs. New calculated fields were added in adapter_info: PCI product/subproduct and vendor/subvendor IDs. Support for BBU in Adaptec adapters was enhanced. Multiple stability and build fixes were made.

  •  09 Jun 2008 17:51

Release Notes: Support for newer Adaptec adapters (ASR 3405, 3805, and 5xxx) using arcconf was added. The new objects "bbu" and "firmware" in the Einarc object space have been introduced: it's possible to get information about BBU and flash/extract firmware. The "adapter info" report follows strict key names, unified for all adapters. Existing modules have updated their CLI versions. Multiple bugs affecting stability and metadata were fixed in all modules.

  •  20 Nov 2007 23:38

Release Notes: This major feature update adds a brand-new configure and build mechanism: now everything can be controlled from command-line parameters, individual modules can be enabled or disabled at build time, and license agreement is asked interactively. Also, this release features ASCIIDOC documentation, bugfixes in lsi_megarc and adaptec_aaccli modules, and compatibility with older Ruby (< 1.8.6).


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