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Release Notes: This release contains major improvements in the areas of concurrency (via the SCOOP technology) and void-safety by making it easier to migrate to void-safe code. In addition, it has many small improvements to make EiffelStudio easy to use includes more and more external contributions.

  •  19 Apr 2011 21:17

Release Notes: Some SCOOP-related issues have been fixed. An issue on some Unix systems with not being able to delete a directory containing symbolic links that cannot be resolved was also fixed. The drawing of the tree connector in EV_GRID was fixed.

Release Notes: A few incrementality bugs have been fixed: one when removing the assertions from a parent class, and one when checking inherited code that was actually changed. The display of error tooltips has been improved to avoid annoying flashing. Search was not scrolling the content in some of the feature tool formatters; this has been fixed. There are various diagram tool enhancements.

Release Notes: This is the second release candidate for EiffelStudio 6.5. This version fixes some issues with the .NET compiler, EiffelBuild, and the C store/retrieve mechanism.

Release Notes: Some bugfixes and improvements to the new output tool were made. Some mismatches between the classic version and the .NET version of TYPE/MANAGED_POINTER were resolved. An issue has been fixed where one could not debug an application if the 'executable_name' specified in the ECF contained the .exe suffix on Windows.

Release Notes: Development of iPhone applications in Eiffel has been added. Currently it only supports command line applications, but graphical application support should be coming soon. The following libraries have been added to the delivery: the dynamic library API wrapper, the encoding library, and the internationalization library. Some issues on GTK were fixed. Some runtime bugs related to thread or serialization have been fixed. The precompilation bug on Mac OS X has been fixed.

Release Notes: A few regressions in the debugger from the last revision have been fixed. A memory corruption in generated code in frozen/finalized mode when an expanded object contains references to young objects has been fixed. Incorrect shortcut installation was fixed in the Windows installer. A crash in EiffelBuild was prevented when opening or saving a project. The process library will now append the output redirection to the end of a file rather than recreating it when it already exists.

Release Notes: A backward compatibility option is now supported by the compiler to allow code that is still using 'infix/prefix' to compile even though the inherited version is using the new 'alias' syntax. New levels of void-safety have been added to help users migrate their code slowly to full void-safety. Some bugs in the debugger were fixed. The missing detection of stack overflows in a different thread than the root thread has been fixed.

Release Notes: A few issues with thread creation/exit have been fixed. Some issues with runtime queries not working properly in multi-threaded mode were fixed. On Windows, a typo was fixed in the template for creation of a shared library. {INTERNAL}.set_reference_field now accepts detachable values. The EiffelStudio editor now supports highlighting of the ~ and /~ operators. The formatter for handling object tests has been fixed, since it would crash if no type was provided. Some bugs with exception handling in the interpreter were fixed. An incorrect type computation of entities using Precursor was fixed.

Release Notes: An issue with the IPv4 and IPv6 listening mode for the "any" or "loopback" address has been fixed on Windows. (This is a security fix, since listening on the IPv6 loopback would also listen on the "any" address on IPv4.) To fix an incompatibility with exception handling as it was done in older versions of EiffelStudio, this release adds the "cause" of an exception to better find out what triggered it. Detection of the Mac OS X platform has been added. A stack corruption has been fixed when there's a mix of melted and frozen code and an exception is being raised.


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