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Embedded HTTP Server

Embedded HTTP Server (EHS) is a C++ class which can be inherited from to give HTTP server functionality to any class or application. It supports form data via POST or GET, setting and reading cookies, and uploads via multi-part form attachments. It is useful for adding Web-based administration or statistics to any C++ program. It also supports HTTPS for doing secure transactions.

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Release Notes: EHS now builds (again) under Windows. Documentation and project/workspace files are provided for Visual Studio 6. Some small logging fixes are also included.

  •  01 Apr 2004 03:13

Release Notes: The entire server system was rewritten and is now much more stable than the previous version, which would crash regularly under heavy load. A stress tester is now provided. HTTP 1.1 persistent connections are now supported and request routing based on HTTP request path is now optional. Documentation and sample programs were also updated for new features, and all filenames are now lowercase.

Release Notes: Support was added for new threading models, such as a thread pool with a user-specified number of threads, and one thread per request, in addition to the existing single threaded model. These new models solve problems with having many, slow requests pending. Support for setting and reading cookies was also added.

Release Notes: Support for both reading and setting cookies has been added. Documentation and sample programs were updated to reflect these changes.

Release Notes: HTTPS support was added for doing encrypted HTTP sessions. Autotool configuration was also added for easier configuration and installation. New sample applications were added to demonstrate new features.


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