Version 0.29.04 of Easy Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu

Release Notes: Important bugs related to domain operations have been fixed.

Other releases

Release Notes: nginx is supported directly and automatically. multiserver, apache2+nginx on remote servers, and roundcube have been added. There are some bugfixes and security fixes.

  •  31 Oct 2010 22:33

Release Notes: Email change password in Webmail/squirrelmail. Dynamic DNS support directly in EHCP. An example EHCP API. Bulk add email. Email auto-reply directly in EHCP. No 3rd party software. A new default Ubuntu theme. New FTP and subdomain options. A few bugfixes. Code cleanup. FTP under "my ftp", including FTP with subdomain. Show similar functions under each operation.

  •  24 Nov 2009 00:15

Release Notes: One major feature, email auto-reply, has been added. This is not done through a 3rd party package, but directly with PHP coding in EHCP style (only a few lines of PHP code)..

  •  28 Oct 2009 08:31

    Release Notes: This version can add a domain to my ftp, add ftp with any directory under home, add ftp with a subdomain, add ftp with a subdirectory under domainname, list related/similar functions in ehcp, and edit the DNS/Apache template for a domain. This version supports domain aliases, email forwardings, catch all email, a default domain settable for the ehcp GUI, disk quota, SMTP auth support more options for ehcp, and bulk add domain. The Apache configuration and email (Postfix) configuration were fixed. Apache SSL support was added. A new default theme, xp5-z7, is used. More "easy install scripts" were added, making a total of 30 scripts. The installer was improved.

    •  15 Jan 2009 00:16

    Release Notes: Important bugs related to domain operations have been fixed.


    Project Spotlight

    Wing IDE

    An IDE for Python.


    Project Spotlight

    Mutt Folder List

    A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.