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Release Notes: Provides for the automatic updating of the fax lists when a fax is received or sent. Provides for the received fax list to show the number of new faxes received since the program was last started. Updates the Russian translation. Various bugfixes.

Release Notes: The fax lists now display the date and time on which a fax is sent or received. The Hebrew translation was updated. The license of some of the utilities used by the program has been changed from the GPL to the LPGL. Some implementation changes and various bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: A settings option was provided to omit the destination fax number from the fax page top header line. Some fixes for 64-bit systems were made. Some (harmless) warnings from gcc-4.0 were fixed. Other minor fixes were done.

Release Notes: An option has been added to the mail_fax script to enable the received fax to be emailed in PDF (Portable Document Format) as well as PS (PostScript) formats. When the program exits it will clean up by also closing any fax viewing program instance running. Implementation of fax lists simplified and improved. Other cleanups were also made.

  •  12 May 2005 03:38

Release Notes: A Hungarian translation was added and the Bulgarian translation was updated. Various bugfixes were made. The program now cleans up correctly if terminated by the X session manager.

Release Notes: The dependency on gtkmm was removed. Now only GTK+-2.* and libsigc++ are required. An Albanian translation was added and the Russian and Polish translations were updated. A prompt is now brought up correctly when deleting a file in the file list. The code was tidied up.

  •  26 Feb 2005 12:59

Release Notes: A bug where the Trash folder is dragged in the fax lists was fixed. Icon image sizes for toolbar buttons are normalised for GTK+ 2.4 or higher. An additional provision was added to ensure synchronization of memory in multi-processor systems. A Greek translation was added. The Italian translation was updated.

  •  18 Dec 2004 13:24

Release Notes: This release fixes a segmentation fault which occurred if a fax for sending is received from the print system and the program has been started in the system tray and never raised. The program now checks whether it is already running when it starts up, and if it is, it brings up the existing program instance on the current workspace. The Bulgarian translation was updated.

Release Notes: A trash folder is now provided in the fax lists to which faxes can be moved and then physically deleted from the filesystem. (Once deleted from the trash folder, faxes are now removed from the filesystem rather then being moved to an "oldfax" subdirectory.) Multiple faxes can be selected in fax lists.

  •  24 Oct 2004 07:23

Release Notes: The main change is a code clean-up, but there is also an updated Hebrew translation, and the bottom status bar now sizes itself according to the font size choice in GNOME.


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