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  •  03 Nov 2004 13:40

Release Notes: The language has been separated from the PHP/XHTML code to allow easy translation. The first translation (Turkish) has been completed. The layout of all pages has been updated.

  •  18 Jul 2004 08:35

Release Notes: An IP / Subnet calculator has been added. There is a new CSS style sheet. The CPU Overclocking calculator has been updated with a few predefined processors. A FAQ file has been added. A little code cleanup has been done.

  •  18 Jun 2004 17:32

Release Notes: This release adds Kelvin in the temperature converter, dBW- Watt and dBm-milliWatt converters, a wavelength calculator, basic help with screenshots, more useful electronic information, and links. A bug in Fahrenheit-Celsius-Kelvin converter has been fixed.

  •  30 May 2004 09:22

Release Notes: New features include an overclocked CPU power usage calculator, a dB calculator, a SWR calculator, IP case rating information, and more links.

Release Notes: This is the first public release of eetool. It contains calculators for Ohm's law, coil inductance, and capacitor capacity. It also contains converters for decimal-hexadecimal-binary-octal, Fahrenheit-Celsius. It also includes some links to a few semiconductor companies, organizations, and online shops.


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