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eeStock is a Web application that allows you to manage inventories.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: An LDAP connection support has been added. Passwords can be encrypted in database. Multi-database support (implemented with PEAR) was added, and currently PostgreSQL and MySQL scripts are available. Multi-language support was added, and French, English, and Brazilian Portuguese languages are currently available.

  •  27 Sep 2001 21:47

Release Notes: A major security fix in session management.

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, a new stylesheet for a better look, new links for an easier navigation, and a duplication button for items.

  •  23 Aug 2001 12:29

Release Notes: One minor bugfix was made in the code that displays an item.

Release Notes: A new table "manufacturers" has been added to the database. There are two minor bugfixes. "Manufacturer", "Price", and "Purchase date" information for items have been added. An administration sub-section for manufacturers has been added. A managing sub-section to browse items by manufacturer has been added.


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