Version 3.8.0 of edtFTPj/PRO

Release Notes: Support for AES encrypted private keys was added. Support was added for multiple AVAs of each type in SSL/TLS certificates. SFTP parallel mode was fixed to eliminate locking. A bug in the MLST parser was fixed. FTPFile path no longer includes the filename to make it consistent with dirDetails(). If MLST is not supported, fileDetails() now falls back to SIZE and MDTM. An empty array of features is returned if FEAT returns no features. The array was tweaked so that only actual features are returned.

Other releases

Release Notes: Performance of SecureFileTransferClient in retrieving connections from a pool was improved. SSLFTPClient.setClientCertificate now allows a certificate chain to be supplied. SSHFTPKeyException was added. Certificates with SHA384withECDSA public keys are now not loaded in SSLFTPCertificateStore (instead of failing). A bug in the reconnect() method for implicit mode was fixed (was calling auth()). SSLCertificateVerify no longer throws a ClassCastException.

Release Notes: This release adds setNetworkBufferSize() to SecureFileTransfer client and SSHFTPClient, allow SOCKS5 authentication without a username and password, improves performance of binary input streams, implements skip(), mark(), and reset() for FTPInputStream and SSHFTPInputStream, catches tryLock() exceptions and ignores them, adds a flag to avoid using tryLock(), fixes a setRemotePort order bug for SFTP, and increases the SSH minimum window size to 32K (up from 1K, as this occasionally caused problems).

Release Notes: This release fixes hostname checking with FTPS when presented with a wildcard certificate. It adds diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 to SSH key exchange algorithms. It fixes an invalid host signature that could occur when rekeying in SSH if a non-standard port was used. A fix to cope with a bug in the Maverick server library when listing directories. An existsDirectory method has been added to SecureFileTransferClient.

Release Notes: This release adds resumeNextDownload(long) to SSHFTPClient, SSLFTPClient, and FTPClient so that partial downloads can be done. It adds an isControlSecure() method to SSLFTPClient to determine if the control connection is secure. It puts hmac-sha1 back as the first HMAC chosen. It applies a timeout to message store retrieval on connect().

Release Notes: This release adds support for compression (delayed compression). Algorithm settings for SSH now apply to instances (they were static properties). Support has been added for FTPS servers that require logging in prior to PBSZ/PROT. A 'type' command has been added to the script engine. A timeout has been applied to getting a connection from the connection pool. setCheckDirReadableForChDir() has been added to SSHFTPClient. There is a fix so that IBM JVMs supports AES encrypted private keys.


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A file transfer client.


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A tool for editing version control repository history.