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  •  25 Apr 2011 01:43

Release Notes: This version includes a new version of the Launch plugin that extends support to all filetypes recognized by Editra. Due to changes in the plugin's underlying data model, this upgrade will force settings from previous versions of the plugin to be reset. There are also a number of API extensions that plugins can use to better integrate with Editra in this release. A number of other important bugs relating to UTF-32 detection and Unicode handling have been integrated as part of this build.

  •  19 Mar 2011 01:11

Release Notes: This is a quick bugfix release to fix one critical issue reported from the last release that could cause the application to not be able to start after some data in the profile became corrupted under certain use cases.

  •  27 Feb 2011 08:01

Release Notes: This release contains a large number of fixes for long standing issues. Much of this iteration was spent attempting to clear the backlog of bug reports and requests. Along with these fixes, there have been some enhancements to the Style Editor and a new Bookmark manager subpanel in the Shelf.

  •  15 Jan 2011 21:59

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs and officially adds support for running on top of Python 2.7. There have also been a number of small improvements to the auto-completion and indentation features for some languages.

  •  06 Dec 2010 02:42

Release Notes: This release adds support for showing calltips when the mouse cursor is hovering over items in the buffer. Improvements to the Python auto-completion have also been made, as well as a number of other important bugfixes.

  •  10 Oct 2010 23:09

    Release Notes: This release contains some important fixes for the handling of UTF16 encoded files as well as some additional improvements to general Unicode support. Support for some new file types and some updated plugins are also included.

    •  26 Jun 2010 09:07

      Release Notes: This release fixes a critical bug that could occur while editing HTML or XML files.

      Release Notes: A build issue was fixed with the Mac OS X binaries that prevented them from running on PPC Macs. A new version of both the CodeBrowser and Launch plugin are included. A number of important bugs were fixed.

      •  17 May 2010 01:07

      Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix and maintenance release to correct issues caused by the major UI rework in the previous release. This release also fixes a number of other standing bugs, and is a recommended update for any users of the previous release (0.5.51).

      •  16 Mar 2010 06:56

      Release Notes: This release adds split views of files in the edit area as well as in the Shelf component area. There is new and improved support for a number of programming languages as well as important bugfixes.


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