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Version 0.4.40 of Editra

Release Notes: The API available to plugins was cleaned up and improved. A handful of significant bugs were fixed, some new enhancements were added, and refinements were made to existing features such as the Python auto-completion support.

Other releases

  •  06 Jan 2013 00:51

Release Notes: This bugfix release corrects several minor issues. It includes an updated version of the FileBrowser plugin which has been updated to version 2.2 to correct several refresh issues reported in versions 2.0 and 2.1.

  •  12 Aug 2012 19:25

    Release Notes: This release fixes the inability to edit file extension associations on Linux systems. It fixes an issue with duplicated @ symbols inserted by the generic completer. It fixes some Unicode handling issues in the log handler. It fixes a bug in Tango art provider fallback code that could end up looking in the Default theme instead of the Tango theme directory for MIME icons. It fixes PyDeadObject errors related to failed destruction calls by AuiManger.

    •  15 Jul 2012 21:56

    Release Notes: This release adds a new and reworked FileBrowser plugin which fixes many long-standing issues. There are also many fixes to encoding detection and handling problems which have been reported since the last release.

    •  24 Apr 2012 08:16

    Release Notes: An issue with loading application localizations was fixed.

    •  23 Apr 2012 21:14

    Release Notes: This release fixes bugs reported over the last several months. It includes new versions of Launch and CodeBrowser plugins to fix bugs and add a few minor features.


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