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  •  17 Nov 2002 04:30

Release Notes: In this version, the goto line works again, the startup wrapper works as in version 1.1, and there is a patch from SuSE for Tk 8.4.

  •  13 Oct 2002 15:00

Release Notes: The documentation has been completed.

Release Notes: HTML help and a menu interface for it have been added, and all users are requested to update and test, because this will most likely be the last release before 1.0.

  •  07 Jun 2002 06:15

Release Notes: A bug that prevented the previous release from working at all was fixed.

  •  06 Jun 2002 13:05

Release Notes: Some bugfixes and a code cleanup. There is also an important readme note for SuSE 8.0 users.

  •  24 May 2002 14:44

Release Notes: The last character is finally saved. There are other minor fixes, code cleanup, and GPL-related stuff.

Release Notes: Supersave has been added. The HTML menu is now dynamic.

Release Notes: This release includes a better look, many bugfixes, improvements to the HTML menu, and code restructuring.

Release Notes: The button bars were joined. A features wishlist and an errata list were added.

  •  10 Feb 2002 06:30

Release Notes: This version fixes a bug that crashed the editor when opening several LaTeX files from the command line, and adds documentation for developers.


Project Spotlight


A relay server for the Secure Shell Chromium plugin.


Project Spotlight


A fast HTML to text converter.