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eCos (Embedded Configurable OS) is an open source, configurable, portable, and royalty-free embedded Real Time Operating System. It is written in C++, provides all the usual OS things. You configure the OS so that the parts you don't need aren't loaded to the embedded system. eCos is released under a modified GPL that allows for its use in embedded systems without having to GPL the embedded application.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Jul 2003 02:05

    Release Notes: Architectures include ARM, SuperH, Intel, x86, PPC, MIPS, Matsushita, AM3x, Motorola 68K/Coldfire, SPARC, Renesas, H8/300H, NEC, and V850. System enhancements include RedBoot, a choice of TCP/IP stacks, RAM, ROM, and flash file systems, power management support, USB slave support, a POSIX-compatible API, and SMP support. Tool enhancements include a new version of the graphical eCos Configuration Tool for both Linux and Windows. eCos 2.0 is released under a new license which provides compatibility with the GPL while also allowing application source code to remain proprietary.

    •  05 Nov 1998 18:18

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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