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  •  28 Mar 2004 04:35

Release Notes: This release adds an error dialog for PyGTK installations without thread support, fixes the reading of the available charsets to work with new mkisofs versions, fixes the print-size error when using the overburn option, configures checks for the correct PyGTK version, checks for medium before reading audio CD content, fixes Ogg files with playback length with fractions of seconds, adds a check for existing files when creating ISO images, re-adds the about box, and adds experimental support for ATAPI devices (set the variable USE_ATAPI in to enable ATAPI support).

  •  12 Oct 2003 05:33

Release Notes: The use of bonobo and bonobo.ui was removed. gnome-tools were tweaked to support the Win32 platform. The gnome-tools FileSelectionDialog now supports UTF-8. Threads are now used instead of os.fork(). All entry files and clists were converted to used UTF-8. The FileSelectionDialogs were improved. oggdec is used for decoding .ogg files instead of ogg123. Lock files are now removed. Text in the output window automatically scrolls now. Filenames received via drag & drop are sanitized via urllib.unquote now. was added to get nicer error messages. The success of Ogg/MP3 to WAV conversion is checked via the return code of the apps.


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