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Release Notes: The Ecere SDK is now Open Source under the revised BSD license. An automatic bootstrapping/build system was implemented. Mac OS X and PowerPC support was improved. A SQLite driver was added for the Ecere Data Access system. New IDE configuration options enable the integration of cross compilers. Lots of bugs were fixed. A tab control was added.

Release Notes: Dynamic class templates for meta (generic) programming were introduced in the eC language. Proper syntax highlighting was implemented in the IDE. The debugger integration under Linux was significantly improved. Many bugs and other issues were resolved. Packages for Debian/Ubuntu and GoboLinux are now provided.

  •  12 Jun 2008 05:59

Release Notes: Major bugfixes and improvements were made to Ecere Database Access. Improvements were made to the Undo buffer. Various other bugfixes and improvements were made.

  •  16 May 2008 07:24

Release Notes: An undo/redo buffer was added to the code editor. Installation on Windows Vista was made easier. libpng usage was improved. X support was improved. IDE improvements were made. Numerous bugs were fixed.

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Excel Writer

A package to write Excel files with basic formatting easily.


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PCI Utilities

Utilities for diagnostics and configuration of PCI devices.