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  •  09 Aug 2013 18:46

    Release Notes: The Windows installer has been updated with TDM/MinGW-w64. A lot of bugs were fixed.

    •  23 Apr 2013 00:12

      Release Notes: The eC compiler has been improved. Compatibility with C headers has been improved. Various bugs have been fixed.

      •  28 Mar 2013 10:03

        Release Notes: Memory corruption bugs were fixed. A bug causing the build to fail on PowerPC was fixed. Cross-bitness compiling issues were fixed. UTF-8 text processing issues were fixed. (De)serialization of Map container objects was fixed. A ListBox row moving bug was fixed. Various IDE bugs were fixed.

        •  11 Mar 2013 18:23

          Release Notes: Support for 64-bit architectures has been implemented. Support for MinGW-w64 has been added. Applications can now be deployed on Android, with support for basic features. OS X and FreeBSD support has been Improved. Various bugs have been fixed.

          •  08 Nov 2012 22:28

          Release Notes: Many issues have been fixed: the Debian packages not installing on 64-bit systems, issues with GCC 4.7, and build issues with ARM and big endian (PPC) builds. The target and host platform confusion in build system/makefiles has been resolved. __attribute__ qualifiers are now handled properly in the compiler. All per node settings in the build system are now properly resolved. Support for a SYSROOT and GCC prefix save has been added to the compiler settings. The tarball supports cross-compiling (e.g. building for MinGW on Linux). This release adds initial support for the Android platform.

          •  09 Mar 2012 22:27

          Release Notes: Native window decorations are now supported. A new project file format allows for per-node X Config X Platform settings. SQLite and Oracle drivers have been implemented for EDA. Ecere is now Internationalized, with Chinese and Spanish translations (LANGUAGE=es_ES or zh_CN). The eC Distributed Objects have been improved. Extras are now included, with support for SSLSocket, Audio, WIA Scanning, and more. The Code Editor now features Line Numbers. The Windows installer has been updated. There are now PPAs on Launchpad, with daily builds. Numerous issues have been resolved.

          •  04 Feb 2010 11:07

            Release Notes: The toolkit will now build on 64-bit Linux systems (still as 32-bit). New more flexible (per file, config, and platform) project files (.epj) are supported. The IDE now generates cross-platform makefiles. The samples were updated, added to, and reorganized. A collection of useful eC code for diverse purposes ("extras") was added. There were improvements and bugfixes to the compiler and throughout the SDK.

            Release Notes: The Ecere SDK is now Open Source under the revised BSD license. An automatic bootstrapping/build system was implemented. Mac OS X and PowerPC support was improved. A SQLite driver was added for the Ecere Data Access system. New IDE configuration options enable the integration of cross compilers. Lots of bugs were fixed. A tab control was added.

            Release Notes: Dynamic class templates for meta (generic) programming were introduced in the eC language. Proper syntax highlighting was implemented in the IDE. The debugger integration under Linux was significantly improved. Many bugs and other issues were resolved. Packages for Debian/Ubuntu and GoboLinux are now provided.

            •  12 Jun 2008 05:59

            Release Notes: Major bugfixes and improvements were made to Ecere Database Access. Improvements were made to the Undo buffer. Various other bugfixes and improvements were made.


            Project Spotlight


            Multi-platform file tagging and organizing.


            Project Spotlight


            A Websocket implementation in Qt.