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06 Feb 2008 19:27 jerstlouis Thumbs up

Correct Link for eC Programming Guide
Sorry I didn't get the link right. here it is (

06 Feb 2008 19:25 jerstlouis Thumbs up

eC Programming Guide
Both sections 1 and 2 of The Ecere Tao of Programming are finally completed. The first sections teaches mostly the aspects that eC shares with C, while at the same time pointing out the innovations of eC. The second section teaches the object oriented concepts introduced with eC.

These sections together are intended to teach eC programming to both new programmers and experienced programmers alike (regardless of the background experience, be it C, C++, C#, Java, VB…). They therefore make up the official eC programming guide.

The remaining sections of the book will focus on teaching the various functionalities available in the Ecere SDK, such as the GUI toolkit and 2D/3D graphics engine.

21 Oct 2007 13:41 jerstlouis Thumbs up

Ecere Blog
I just set up a blog for Ecere at (

Please check often for the latest developments regarding the Ecere SDK and Applications!


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