Version 2.5.2 of Ecasound

Release Notes: A bug in channel routing of LADSPA plugins that have more audio output ports than input ports has been fixed.

Other releases

  •  03 Jan 2014 20:11

    Release Notes: A bug has been fixed with ai-remove/ao-remove, a regression fixed in ALSA PCM draining logic, and many other minor bugs fixed.

    •  18 Jun 2012 21:58

      Release Notes: This release adds support for LV2 plugins, adds commands for controlling bypasses on a chain operator basis, and fixes dozens of bugs.

      •  22 May 2011 14:02

        Release Notes: A bunch of bugs were fixed, including a jack_multi regression in the previous release.

        •  13 May 2011 21:52

          Release Notes: An important bugfix has been made to sample conversion routines. Many other minor bugs have been fixed.

          •  19 Aug 2010 22:12

            Release Notes: A manual gate feature has been added. Bugs have been fixed in saving the chainsetup state, seeking with resample objects, and with Cygwin support.


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            Project Spotlight

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