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Version 0.06.00 of EC2Box

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to create multiple instance administrative accounts and audit capability for viewing history for all user sessions. SSL is now used, and the tool now listens on any IP on the host.

    Other releases

    •  17 Mar 2014 21:33

    Release Notes: This release fixes an issue that prevents the connection error messages from displaying when the last term connection fails.

    •  10 Mar 2014 02:02

      Release Notes: This release adds filters for tags, security groups, system / instance status, and alarm state when displaying instances. It also adds a regular expression search that will sort and move matched terminals to the top of the display window. Terminal performance was greatly increased, and session audits were turned off by default. Finally, this release fixes the null host problem when inserting records while instances are shut down.

      •  25 Feb 2014 02:11

        Release Notes: This release adds a disconnect option when dragging a terminal window to the navigation bar. It adds a public DNS check with a fallback to private DNS. Modified to show instance and system status in the display list when selecting for secure shell instances. Fixes an issue when displaying an instance list with multiple keys registered.

        •  17 Feb 2014 15:03

          Release Notes: This release adds many UI/UX improvements, fixes to send DEL ASCII values instead of BS, and configurable terminal refresh rates.

          •  21 Jan 2014 03:44

          Release Notes: This release fixes an issue that prevented terminal output from displaying when keypress / keydown events were called at the same time as the output event.


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