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Release Notes: This release adds text timestamping, adds non-ASCII character filtering, fixes seek graph formatting, and improves the text searching interface.

Release Notes: The chess clocks now provide microsecond precision, and the seek table was replaced by a seek graph.

  •  23 May 2007 13:46

Release Notes: Minor text selection issues and memory leaks were fixed, and a Hungarian translation was added.

Release Notes: This release adds support for joysticks and DGT electronic chess boards, and fixes some bugs in the text console.

  •  15 Jan 2007 17:02

Release Notes: The internal representation of wild subvariants now follows the winboard guidelines, and several minor UI bugs were fixed.

  •  08 Jan 2007 10:22

Release Notes: Several bugs and inconsistencies related to the user interface, piece theme backend, FICS protocol, chess engine protocol, and peer-to-peer protocol were fixed.

  •  01 Jan 2007 13:44

Release Notes: Ported to GTK+ 2.x. This release fixes bugs and compilation issues with newer libraries/platforms/compilers.

  •  27 Nov 2003 07:47

Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. The translations were updated. The compilation system was simplified.

  •  07 Jul 2003 22:01

Release Notes: In this version, many improvements in time controls were made, there was improved ICS variant support, and many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: More sound events have been added, a serious bug in animation has been fixed, partial support for gzipped PGN files has been added, and a handful of minor bugs and nuisances has been fixed.


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