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Easyval is a very basic implementation of interval arithmetic, using hardware doubles as interval bounds. The first target of this library is that the interval arithmetic containment criterium is respected.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Dec 2004 15:50

    Release Notes: There were some serious bugs in the sine, cosine and tangent functions, which are fixed in this release.

    •  24 Nov 2004 15:52

      Release Notes: Implementations for the goniometric functions sin, cos, and tan were added. Nevertheless, one should take care when using them, since the interval implementations rely on the hardware, which is not always reliable.

      •  01 Oct 2004 09:10

        Release Notes: Some functions (min, asinh, /=) were added. A rounding bug in the division was fixed.

        •  05 Mar 2004 01:14

          Release Notes: A serious bug was fixed in the power function, and the library compiles again with Debian Woody.

          •  28 Feb 2004 23:38

            Release Notes: The library now also compiles under Cygwin.


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