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  •  17 Feb 2006 21:35

Release Notes: Once the 'Connecting' pages detects a connection to the Internet, the timestamp is no longer printed to the screen.

Release Notes: A timeout option on dialup (i.e. if the connection doesnt start within 100 seconds of a dial attempt, the connection attempt has failed). The new timeout setting is in config.php. A new timeout in the ‘Connecting’ page. The version number is now shown in the Config page.

Release Notes: The Connection Stats page now displays useful information such as the total upload/downloads for the session, time connected to the Internet, average download/upload speed, and local and remote IP address of your PC.

  •  04 Dec 2005 22:11

Release Notes: The Connection Stats page and the Configuration page now display on the right of the main page, instead of in their own separate screen. The Easy Dialup code that checks if the Internet is connected no longer depends on PPPSTATUS being installed. The Connection Stats page is still a work in progress.


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