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  •  27 Oct 2006 02:25

Release Notes: If someone uses more then one file upload at the same time while using the rename option, there was a problem with the new name. The PHP function "sleep" takes care about unique file names. A new method was added to output some HTML code. If there is a name defined as an argument, the file field is replaced with a regular text field, as shown in the new example file "upload_db_example.php".

  •  15 Jan 2006 17:06

Release Notes: The class previously used the system() function to execute the chmod command. This will result in problems if the PHP directive safe_mode is activated. This release uses the chmod() function instead. It's possible to create the upload directory if it does not exist (obe level above). This is useful if you need a directory for each user. The directory will be created if the boolean $create_directory is true.

  •  08 Jul 2005 13:46

Release Notes: In this version, it's possible to use the rename function (timestamp) inside the multiple upload extension. In the same extension, the filenames are are validated. A small bug in the regex pattern has been fixed. Check the modified method upload_multi_files() and the new variables.


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