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Release Notes: This version includes new forms tags. Several convenience methods have been added to RequestHandler. MIME typed file extensions are now ignored by default (forwarded to the default servlet).

  •  17 Nov 2011 23:37

Release Notes: This release permanently removes the license restriction and changes the licensing algorithm.

Release Notes: Licensing functionality in was improved by changing the match string to a checksum, so that permanent and timed keys are now likely impossible to break. Form mail can now take any or all parameters from the web.xml file. The secure download handler can now take any or all parameters from the web.xml file. A regex-based word filter was added for foul language or replacing anything).

Release Notes: Support was added for servlet spec 3.x annotations. A security and authentication example WAR was also added. The documentation and javadocs were updated. These enhancements can be viewed in the security and authentication (ejw_simplelogin.war) WAR example.

  •  14 Jun 2011 13:20

Release Notes: A form mail handler was added. More object conversion abilities were added. A few methods were deprecated. getAbsoluteUrl and additional URL handling functions were added. An application messaging list was added.

  •  09 Jul 2010 06:50

Release Notes: slf4j is now used for logging.

  •  23 Jun 2010 22:07

Release Notes: This version fixes a release build issue. EJW examples now have the correct versions and will work.

  •  21 Jun 2010 22:52

Release Notes: Initial public release.


Project Spotlight


A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.


Project Spotlight

Aspose.Words for .NET

A word processing component for .NET applications.