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EAsea Specification of Evolutionary Algorithms (EASEA), is a high-level language dedicated to the specification of evolutionary algorithms. The language and compiler are quite mature. EASEA compiles .ez specification files into C++ or Java object files, using existing evolutionary libraries. Supported C++ libraries currently are GALib or EO.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jun 2001 18:32

    Release Notes: Compiling an easea file for EO under Windows with the EO_DIR environment variable unset does not crash anymore. An error message is issued when an unknown type is used to define a variable. A compilation of all updates is available in the annex of the manual.

    •  22 Jun 2001 02:36

      Release Notes: A major bug was corrected. It is now possible to have a genome structure containing a pointer to another structure containing a pointer to a third structure and so on. Another bug, which prevented the use of the "Generational" replacement scheme, was fixed. The compiler now works silently unless warnings/errors occur or the -v option is used. This version can output Java code for the DREAM (Distributed Resource Evolutionary Algorithm Machine), but only very basic features are implemented. All sections of .ez files are not yet supported. A new experimental feature was added: users should now be able to access all individuals of the population within the evaluator. Booleans still cannot be used (in the GALib version) in the "write" member function because the C++ "<<" input stream operator cannot handle them. Only unidimensional arrays are handled.


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