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Eagle DNS is a powerful, multithreaded, platform independent DNS server written in Java. It is based on the very reliable and proven dnsjava API and has pluggable resolvers, zone providers, and plugins, making it very flexible.

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Contributed documentation 31 May 2011

The documentation of the DBZoneProvider has been updated with examples kindly contributed by Tenzer.

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  •  17 Oct 2011 17:14

Release Notes: This release fixes a null pointer in the configuration parsing code and a null pointer in AuthoritativeResolver.

  •  11 Apr 2011 12:41

Release Notes: An important bug that could cause the TCP and UDP server sockets to be closed on startup was fixed. All users of Eagle DNS 1.1.0 should upgrade as soon as possible.

  •  05 Apr 2011 21:24

Release Notes: This release is more than a year in the making, with millions of DNS queries processed during several months of testing. It brings some significant improvements regarding scalability and flexibility. Resolvers are now pluggable just as ZoneProviders, adding another dimension compared to 1.0, which was a strictly authoritative server. Custom resolvers can now be added, and multiple resolvers can be used simultaneously configured as a chain.

Release Notes: This version adds a new feature to the FileZoneProvider: it now detects changes in zone files and reloads them automatically (this feature can be turned on/off using the configuration file).

  •  16 Jan 2010 16:31

    Release Notes: This is the first public release. It has been very well tested and is ready for production use.


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