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E-Forecast is an epplet that shows an icon with the weather forecast for the city of your choice and automatically updates with a user selectable frequency.


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  •  13 Feb 2001 07:18

Release Notes: Weather.Com changed its image and data URLs, this prevented E-Forecast from getting any information from the site. All users should change to this version and setup their E-Forecast epplet again (click on the online help icon for more info).

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

    Release Notes: Initial release.

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    05 Nov 2002 15:24 truth

    my fix for E-Forecast epplet
    This is what i did to get the 0.2 version working, not sure why it wasnt working, think maybe a change in web page layout on's side. Change E-Forecast.c section under fetch_forecast_image_url function

    Esnprintf(str_cmd, sizeof(str_cmd),
    "wget -q -O - %s|grep %s|sed 1d|awk -F'\"' '{print $2}'|head -n 1", str_url, __FORECAST_STRING);


    Esnprintf(str_cmd, sizeof(str_cmd),
    "wget -q -O - %s|grep %s|grep current| awk -F'\"' '{print $2}'|head -n 1", str_url, __FORECAST_STRING);

    dont blame me if anything goes wrong as i have never coded before and this was done out of sheer desperation to get the epplet working.



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