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  •  01 Aug 2007 15:05

Release Notes: This release adds the following new in-text commands: "^tw()" explicitly draw to the title window, "^p(PIXELS)" positions the next input pixels to the right, and ^c(RADIUS) draws a circle. The following new gadgets have been added: gdbar (a graphical progress meter), gcpubar (a graphical CPU usage meter), and kittscanner (a fun gadget).

  •  26 Jul 2007 11:27

Release Notes: This release adds an overworked in-text parser supporting lighweight icons and drawing of user defined rectangles anywhere in dzen's input.

  •  19 Jul 2007 07:33

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to colorize arbitrary parts of the input, Dzen gadgets, tiny programs useful in combination with dzen, a new "onnewinput" event, and a help system for displaying the documentation. Several fixes and code cleanups were made.

  •  14 Jun 2007 11:33

Release Notes: This release adds dynamic color support (allowing the user to change the foreground and/or background colors at runtime), keyboard support (allowing the user to bind any actions to keys), and improvements to internal data structures.

  •  10 Jun 2007 12:49

Release Notes: This release adds a new option '-u' that allows you to update the contents of the title and slave window simultaneously, improves buffer handling, and makes the drawing routines faster in order to avoid flicker.

  •  07 Jun 2007 06:54

Release Notes: This release adds a horizontal menu mode.

  •  01 Jun 2007 06:10

Release Notes: This release features a redesign resulting in less memory usage, faster execution, and fewer dependencies. The redesign is transparent to the user, so there is no need to adapt existing setups.

  •  26 Mar 2007 13:25

Release Notes: Menu mode has been added; enable it with the '-m' command line switch.


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