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dxf2fig parses Autocad DXF input, then calls external routines to do either plotting or a fig conversion for xfig. The conversion is fairly complete. Layers (depths in xfig), blocks (compounds in xfig), colors, and linetypes are roughly preserved in the output file.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Dec 2004 17:21

    Release Notes: Support for recursive (nested) inserts (blocks) was enabled. This seems to work without memory problems, but is not guaranteed yet. Some small bugs were fixed, such as free in spline and lwpoyline handling. A rudimentary filter was started, namely a filter on color(s), layer(s), or coordinates (clipping).

    •  11 Nov 2004 15:41

      Release Notes: Simple support for SPLINE entities was added by converting the fit points to a polyline (if any). A new "-v" verbose option was also added. Files with a .DXF extension (instead of .dxf) are now also accepted, and an output filename is generated if not supplied on the command line.

      •  11 Jan 2004 13:29

        Release Notes: Support was added for DIMENSION entities (measures and angles), for (large) MTEXT text objects, and for vertical and horizontal text justification. Small bugfixes were also made, such as the one that caused the first DXF entity in a block to be skipped altogether.

        •  16 Dec 2003 15:04

          Release Notes: The command line syntax was changed to be more consistent with standard Unix utilities. An option was added to set the xfig paper size from the command line. The paper size can be anything between A0 and A4.

          •  10 Dec 2003 22:18

            Release Notes: A bug that caused the dimension counter to not always be reset to 0 has been fixed. This could in some cases lead to segfaults.


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