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DWI, Data With Interaction, is an Object-to-Relational Mapping (ORM)-based RAD (Rapid Application Development) system for rapidly creating data-driven desktop GUI applications. It maps SQL tables into several object systems, including QOF, GLib GObjects, and GTK/GNOME. It can be used with the Glade GUI designer. It supports multiple databases through ODBC and libdbi.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2004 17:22

    Release Notes: This release includes new example programs for GLib GObjects and QOF Objects. Support for the libdbi driver and the native PostgreSQL driver has been added. It now uses automake to manage dependencies and simplify building and installation of the package. It has been modularized so that non-GUI apps no longer need to link to GTK. New example program: the Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator shows how to use DWI with GOB2.

    •  22 Aug 2002 06:27

      Release Notes: This release provides support for a generic database login dialog. This dialog is written in DWI itself, and so is an example of DWI 'bootstrapping'. This feature requires the use of glib-2.0 gobjects. Unfortunately, glib-2.0 can occasionally conflict with some GTK 1.4 widgets, leading to difficulties in certain cases. (Of course, this won't be a problem when DWI is ported to the full GNOME 2.0 interfaces.)


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