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dwarf-ng is a small and powerful object file manipulator. With dwarf-ng, you can read, edit, and manipulate section headers, inject code or data, and create new section headers of object files. Currently, it handles object files in the PE, Mach-O, and ELF formats. For the moment, dwarf-ng only has a command-line interface. dwarf-ng is fully scriptable (as it has a scripting language), and is flexibly configurable.

Operating Systems

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  •  09 Jul 2013 19:40

    Release Notes: This release improves compiling options, solves a gcc =>4.6.1 compiling failure (on Linux), and fixes some bugs.

    •  22 Jan 2011 20:13

      Release Notes: The program was rewritten from scratch. The libdwarf architecture is used. Support was added for raw files and 64-bit formats of PE, Macho, Elf. The parse tree was removed and consequently the if-then-else construct and while construct were removed from dwarf's language. The parse tree, if-then-else, and while will be reintroduced in future versions. Structured variables are no longer stored in memory, but are directly accessed from the file when needed. Dwarf's language syntax changed. The dwarfrc configuration file was introduced. Multiple files can be open and working simultaneously.

      •  20 Oct 2010 22:01

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the command line input string and fixes extended_dump output.

      •  22 Jun 2010 07:56

        Release Notes: Many code fixes were made. A new parser syntax was implemented. Better documentation was provided in the man page. Inject/create header was implemented per the pe file format.

        •  22 Apr 2009 07:27

          Release Notes: Some bugs were corrected.


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