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Dwall Firewall Generator

Dwall is an all-purpose firewall tool to generate an iptables firewall out of a simple configuration. It contains about 80 predefined services and comes with a simple 3 zone firewall example. It is designed to be easy to configure and manage without being limited to a specific network setup. It can handle as many interfaces as desired and allows you to create firewall rules that are portable between several firewalls.

Operating Systems

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  •  22 Mar 2004 15:10

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with expanding destination aliases. It has improved error output and simplified service definitions. Descriptions have been added to all services.

  •  14 Mar 2004 16:16

Release Notes: This release adds MAC address based filtering (using /etc/ethers).

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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14 Mar 2004 10:25 dag

Re: it's a shame - package management
Install rpm2cpio.

12 Mar 2004 21:30 mailman42

it's a shame - package management
It's a shame that there are only RPM to try, and not a distribution independant package.


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