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dvtm brings the concept of tiling window management, popularized by X11-window managers like dwm, to the console. As a console window manager, it tries to make it easy to work with multiple console based programs like vim, mutt, cmus, or irssi. dvtm is intended to be used where X11 isn't available or over SSH. In conjunction with dtach, it can be seen as a lightweight alternative to GNU screen.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Mar 2014 18:05

    Release Notes: This release gets rid of window decorations if only one window exists. The lock screen functionality has been removed, and the redraw logic after terminal resizes improved. There are a few new key bindings. Scrolling up and down now function without any modifier key by means of Shift-Page{Up,Down}. Mod+Tab switches to the previously-focused window.

    •  28 Dec 2013 17:36

      Release Notes: This release improves redraw logic, which reduces cursor flickering, and adds better non-blocking input handling and more accurate terminal emulation.

      •  03 Apr 2013 11:41

        Release Notes: Changes include a copy mode with vi style key bindings that allows easy access to the scroll back buffer and supports searching and copy/paste. Various terminal emulation fixes, including support for the alternate screen mode and introduction of its own terminfo description file. This release also features a new command line switch to disable mouse support at startup, and a new key binding to create new windows with the working directory set to the one of the currently selected window.

        •  01 Aug 2012 12:47

          Release Notes: Changes include AIX support, a Cygwin compile fix, terminal emulation correctness fixes, and some minor code cleanups here and there.

          •  06 Sep 2011 15:49

            Release Notes: Better content backfill on window resizing. Dynamic color changes depending on the window title. Support for the 8 basic highlighted colors. Rudimentary mouse support. Fibonacci layout. Some cross-platform fixes.


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