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  •  17 Mar 2013 18:54

Release Notes: Transcoding of video files with a certain stream order has been fixed. A check has been added as to whether a video fits onto a DVD without re-encoding.

Release Notes: New templates were added, as well as frame and ellipse 45° buttons and objects. A frame object can now display an image. The handling of subtitle streams as well as some templates were fixed.

Release Notes: Support was added for setting subtitle opacity, for auto execute buttons, and for "none" navigation options for buttons. Several further changes and bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: The generation of menus with a video background and the aspect ratio of slideshow images has been fixed. New menu templates (Christmas, Winter, and SnowField) have been added. The calculation of the DVD size if the start/end time is set has been fixed. The libav snapshot has been updated. Translations have been updated.

Release Notes: This release fixes transcoding of titles with multiple audio files, fixes generation of menus with audio, adds a bell at completion of burning, and updates the included libav snapshot and the translations.

Release Notes: Support has been added for importing titles from DVDs, for rearranging the order of VOBs in a title, for upmixing stereo to 5.1, for PCM audio, for selection of default title post commands, and for FFMpeg 0.11/libav 0.9. Several bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Support was added for video buttons. A video frame selection dialog and an ellipse button for image/video frame selection were added. Shadows were added to some buttons. A check for overlapping buttons was added. The possibility to set an audio time offset was added. Fixes were made for action error validation if no menus exist, for default menu navigation, and for the generation of DVDs without menus.

Release Notes: Support was added for SVG images and for SVG blur filter. A new shadow frame button and five new backgrounds were added. Fixes were made for displaying of multiple spaces, for multiplexing the subtitles, and for support for multi-core processors. FFmpeg was updated to 0.8.7.

Release Notes: Support was added for use of anti-aliasing for buttons, for storage of custom colors in the color selection dialog, for multi-line buttons, for drag-and-drop changing of button order, for selection of multiple menu objects, for aspect ratio preservation of the background image or video, for changing the audio volume, and for Avisynth. FFMpeg was updated to 0.8.3. A new menu template and an audio properties dialog were added. Various other improvements were made.

Release Notes: Many new buttons and two new backgrounds were added. FFmpeg video filters are now supported. Several options, commands, and dialogs were added. Several display issues were resolved.


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