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dvd::rip is a full featured DVD copy program written in Perl. It provides an easy-to-use but feature-rich GTK+ GUI to control almost all aspects of the ripping and transcoding process. It uses the widely known video processing swissknife, transcode, and many other Open Source tools.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Mar 2010 13:19

    Release Notes: This release updates the Danish and Catalan translations. A few minor bugs were fixed.

    •  22 Feb 2009 21:55

      Release Notes: transcode 1.1.x compatibility has been improved. You can now do h264 two-pass encoding.

      •  05 Oct 2008 14:43

        Release Notes: This release adds a new translation to Danish. It also fixes a cluster avimerge problem with recent transcode versions, and adds full support for anamporh transcoding without any scaling applied.

        •  10 Aug 2007 06:12

          Release Notes: A small screen layout mode was added, which makes dvd::rip fit on small screens like 15" widescreen notebooks.

          •  05 Aug 2007 20:35

            Release Notes: This release adds a Catalan translation and fixes some minor bugs.

            Recent comments

            31 Jul 2011 22:31 mrmeval

            Mystery crashes on many DVDs.

            29 May 2005 03:22 actarus

            Acidrip is better

            Honestly, I have trouble understanding why dvd::rip seems to be more popular than acidrip because as far as I have tried the former, the latter is much simpler AND faster.

            First I find options present in acidrip are self explanatory and if not a tooltip appear when you're above explaining what the option does.

            Second, ripping a dvd to a divx is really a matter of one click in acidrip whereas it seems to be more complicated in dvd::rip.

            Third, acidrip allows you to rip subtitles wheither you encode dvd on the fly or not and I don't understand that limitation in dvd::rip

            Last but bot least, acidrip encodes a 2 hours dvd in 50 minutes on my machine whereas I tried a on the fly encode (correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess this must be the fastest method) with dvd::rip and few minutes after launching (to let the software computes accuratly the remaining time), it displayed 3 hours remaining. I must admit I did not complete the process to see if it would have really taken 3 hours :-). The preceding test was made using ffmpeg codec.

            I must admit dvd::rip seems to have some more advanced features than acidrip like cd burning, and whole bunch of video options not present in acidrip. But I feel most of the time the simple options present in acidrip are enought and if you need more you can always add some command line options that will be passed to mencoder. And above all I think the price that must be payed for those advanced features if too high if I consider the peformance and simplicity loss.

            18 Apr 2005 14:33 jred

            Re: cluster mode svcd

            installing transcode from source is indeed no easy task, but you should find anything important in the INSTALL document and on the wiki at

            The dvd::rip _"ABCD" error message you mentioned look like you're missing the Locale::TextDomain module, but dvd::rip should have complained about that already during installation.

            Also I'm not sure if a Beowolf cluster is the right environment for dvd::rip, but I don't know any details about Beowolf, so I may be wrong.

            Please don't answer on this Reply inside, I don't like the interface (sorry guys, but it's really an anachronism...). Use the dvdrip-users mailiing list or send mail straight to me. You find the relevant information in the SUPPORT section on dvd::rip's homepage.



            18 Apr 2005 07:07 mr_codebreaker

            Re: cluster mode svcd
            I am very much interested in your project especially as I am having a Beowulf Cluster, I am looking forward to utilise a program such as yours to fully harness the power of my machines. Unfortunately, I cant install your s/w because of too many dependency problems and though I did all I could to prevent the dependency problems, I was not successful. I am having a tuff time trying to install Transcode, its shoing too many dependecy problems one after the other. Is there some manner by which I can resolve this? Also though installed dvd::rip especially the dvdserver and player, on execution I am getting compiler errors stating the there is a string where an operator was expected etc. @myvariable=_"ABCD"; in statements like these the above error keeps on cropping up. Can u help me solve this problem?

            > I hadn't the time to check this out

            > until now, but currently I'm working on

            > the cluster anyway, so I'll take a look

            > at it. If it works as expected, adding

            > (S)VCD support shouldn't be too hard.

            > Don't know if it gets into 0.45, but

            > 0.46 should be no problem.


            > Regards,


            > Jörn


            21 May 2003 15:35 accurate

            dvd::rip has everything you need all in one
            dvd::rip has made it easy to convert dvd to divx. Instead of using several applications to do one task, dvd::rip has made it where all I do is put a dvd disk in, resize it, clip it, and encode directly from dvd to a divx avi file. I recommend this for anyone.

            -- Jason


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