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DutchPIPE allows Web developers to make virtual multi-user "avatar" environments. Each Web page becomes an abstracted environment or location where visitors and other items on the page are visualized. This status is retained as visitors move around. A lot of real-time interaction is possible, resulting in persistent interactive page environments. DutchPIPE uses AJAX and the DOM for the browser, and it works without Java, Flash, plugins, or firewall adjustments.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Sep 2007 21:02

    Release Notes: Users can now upload their own avatar using a new AJAX upload feature. There are improvements in object image handling.

    •  22 Aug 2007 06:00

      Release Notes: An option for using the MDB2 database abstraction layer from PHP's PEAR library was added. DutchPIPE now supports MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Frontbase, Querysim, Interbase/Firebird, MSSQL, and SQLite. More administrator commands were added. UTF-8 support was debugged.

      •  04 Aug 2007 07:14

        Release Notes: You no longer need to type commands - all actions can now be performed using a the mouse. The input field is no longer shown by default, and when shown is used for page chat. The addAction method in DpObject was made even more powerful. Proper dynamic updates of the inventory window occur when taking and getting stuff, and in the inventory/shop list window when selling and buying stuff, including updates of credits. Inactive Avatars are now "ghosted". Testing and debugging was performed for all major browsers.

        •  08 Jul 2007 18:56

          Release Notes: A more powerful action system: most notable is the ability to create sub-menus in a variety of ways. The action system now has its own page in the online documentation. The manual was removed from the main distribution to keep the size down. A separate download may be created later. There are various small patches.

          •  11 Jun 2007 17:59

            Release Notes: DutchPIPE has moved from alpha to beta status and is now quite stable. Changes from 0.1.3 include a powerful property/setter/getter system, a "Coinherit" system, actions on image maps, a monetary system, command line history, a game area showcase, a draggable objects/free movements experiment (see others move on a page), and support for more browsers. This release uses jQuery and offers more stability on the client side. It is stable in memory consumption and code, and has no crashes.


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