Version 6.1.0 of dupeGuru Music Edition

Release Notes: This release adds a duplicate re-prioritization dialog, a font size preference for duplicate table, and Quicklook support. It improves the behavior of Mark Selected, and improves filename sorting. It fixes a bug preventing some Ogg metadata from being read. Chinese (Simplified) localization has been added. The fairware system has been tweaked. The minimum requirements have been updated to OS X 10.6 and Ubuntu 11.04.

    Other releases

    •  10 Aug 2012 23:07

      Release Notes: This release adds "Export to CSV". It adds "Replace with symlinks" to complement "Replace with hardlinks" [Mac, Linux]. It now tells how many duplicates were affected after each re-prioritization operation. It adds Longest/Shortest filename criteria in the re-prioritize dialog. It fixes result table cells that mistakenly became writable in v6.4.0 [Mac]. It fixes "Rename Selected", which was broken since v6.4.0 [Mac]. It fixes a bug where "Reset to Defaults" in the Columns menu wouldn't refresh menu items' marked state. It has improved Ogg metadata reading, and an improved Russian localization.

      •  07 Jul 2012 23:55

        Release Notes: This release fixes iTunes integration (which was broken since iTunes 10.6.3), fixes a crash caused by invalid XML in iTunes libraries, and adds a Brazilian localization.

        •  02 Jun 2012 21:59

          Release Notes: This release adds a Deletion Options panel, greatly improves memory usage for big scans, adds a keybinding for the filter field on Mac systems, and upgrades the minimum requirements for Ubuntu to 12.04.

          •  15 May 2012 21:24

            Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in iTunes library parsing [Mac]. It fixes localization issues [Windows and Linux].

            •  28 Mar 2012 21:34

              Release Notes: Improved iTunes support [Mac]. An improved results window UI [Windows, Linux]. Improved error messages when communicating with iTunes (#188) [Mac]. A dialog to edit the Ignore List. The ability to sort results by "marked" status. "Open with default application"(#190) has been fixed. A bug has been fixed where there would be false reporting of discarded matches (#195). Various localization glitches have been fixed. Hard crashes on crash reporting (#196) have been fixed. A bug where the details panel would show up at inconvenient places in the screen has been fixed [Windows, Linux].


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