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14 Jan 2010 15:17 lgfreitas

There is any documentation on how to use this program?

04 Apr 2002 22:38 wls

Project Notes
After repeated attempts to contact the author, I discovered that no one has heard from him since 1996 and that this software was abandonware.

I've been given ownership of the project by Freshmeat and have set up a
new project page for DuhDraw.

The new version, which works with GCC 3.0.1 or better is online. DUHDRAW, ANSI, and ANSITOC have all been updated.

Ignore the prior comment about the patch from earlier today.

03 Apr 2002 12:08 wls

Patch to make DuhDraw work on GCC 3.0.3
I'm trying to contact Ben, but the email in the READ.ME file no longer works.

I have a
patch available
which makes DuhDraw work on GCC 3.0.3.


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