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Database Template Library

The goal of the Database Template Library is to make ODBC recordsets look just like an STL container. As a user, you can move through containers using standard STL iterators, and if you insert(), erase(), or replace() records in the containers, changes can be automatically committed to the database for you. The library's compliance with the STL iterator and container standards means you can plug the abstractions into a wide variety of STL algorithms for data storage, searching, and manipulation. In addition, the C++ reflection mechanism used by the library to bind to database tables allows generic indexing and lookup properties to be added to the containers with no special code required from the enduser. Because the code takes full advantage of the template mechanism, the library adds minimal overhead compared with using raw ODBC calls to access a database.


Recent releases

  •  26 Nov 2002 08:12

    Release Notes: This release features portability to Cygwin, Solaris, and HP-UX platforms, in addition to Borland 5.5 & 6.0, MSVC 6, GCC 2.96 & 3.2, aCC 3.30, Sun Workshop 6 Update 1, and Linux. Support for bulk ODBC operations was also added.

    •  24 Jul 2001 07:50

      Release Notes: Full unicode support. Significant restructuring to cut compile times. Significant new features to enhance query generation control and binding of stored proceedures to STL iterators. See the download page for details and a full list of enhancements.

      •  13 Mar 2001 09:12

        Release Notes: A successful port to Red Hat Linux 7 under gcc 2.95 running unixODBC and MySQL, support for Boris Fomitchev's STLPort implementation of the SGI Standard Template Library, a rewrite of the code to make it exception-safe, error handling support for all DTL iterator classes, DBView, and IndexedDBView, and corrections to constness throughout DTL (fixed some bugs that prevent it from running correctly versus some of the standard STL algorithms).

        •  24 Dec 2000 02:10

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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