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Release Notes: The code base has been heavily re-factored and reworked to improve underlying game engine operation and code maintainability. Bugfixes and minor game modifications.

  •  04 Jul 2010 18:56

Release Notes: A new alien has been introduced. Mega-alien is slower than the others but much harder to kill; however, you score 40 for each hit. Unlike fast aliens, mega will drop bombs. Some bugfixes have been applied; specifically, joystick code changes and more refactoring have been undertaken. The gameplay has been tuned.

  •  23 May 2010 18:21

Release Notes: Joystick and gamepad functionality has been introduced. The player receives an extra life for reaching each new level.

Release Notes: Command line options now allow the player to select between the built-in MOD or WAV music file. A custom music file, e.g. FaveSong.ogg, can be specified with the -t option for the player's listening pleasure. No music play can also be specified. The window decoration icon is fixed. Some documentation has been updated. Some code base directory changes have also been made. An XDG compliant dsi-rc has also been implemented.

Release Notes: The documentation has been updated. There is a graphics amendment and a minor cross-compile bugfix. As well as being available as an RPM, this release is available as a .deb and a Windows installer .msi file.

  •  15 Apr 2010 01:09

Release Notes: This release includes an RPM spec file and an RPM i386 download. A window caption and icon were added. Shot timing has been improved. Some variable name definitions are clarified. Game play defs were tuned. Updates were made to the game level code. The alternative 'spooky' game sound track has been re-introduced.

Release Notes: The code base has been cleaned and optimized, reducing it in size from ~5K to ~2K and therefore reducing the DSI binary file size by a third. More bugs have been resolved. Documentation has been improved.

Release Notes: This release provides full Linux desktop integration and standard Linux installation. Documentation has been revised with improved installation instructions. Customization instructions have also been included for those who want to create their own game graphics with or without recompiling the source.

Release Notes: The intro screen has been updated. The codebase has been adjusted so that it now cross-compiles. A new 32-bit Windows binary has been released (incorporating the latest game improvements) as well as 32-/64-bit Linux binaries. The files in SVN have been modernized for the latest Linux build tools and cross-compile libraries.

Release Notes: Hi-scores are now working. Five levels of increasing difficulty were added.


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