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Drukkar is a lightweight blog engine and CMS written in PHP 5 with no external dependencies. It supports Markdown, generates clean and valid HTML, and stores individual posts in XML files. It doesn't use a database.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jan 2014 10:54

    Release Notes: The big change this release is the introduction of theming, along with a new default theme called "flat" (see screenshots), as well as a new navbar and a sidebar. The old theme is still available to use and has been updated to support the new layout elements. The setting entry_links_with_titles has been removed from config.xml since the way entry file names are now generated includes their title in the name. Localizations have been improved. This is version 2.0.0. From now on, Drukkar will use semantic versioning for its releases.

    •  18 Aug 2013 09:44

      Release Notes: This release replaces tables used for layout with div tags, with minimum changes to CSS.

      •  12 Apr 2013 16:15

        Release Notes: This release implements caching for every dynamically generated page a visitor can see (plus opt-in search caching). Caches expire when the files used to generate them (data or code) have been updated. This should decrease the CPU usage on your server dramatically. files.php now includes a pretty text file viewer. The HTML output has been made even more human-readable, with line breaks in all the right places. Many small optimizations related to string operations. The code has also been reformatted to look better and fit the standard 80-column view.

        •  26 Mar 2013 20:52

          Release Notes: Post dates are now time zone-aware. You'll need to set time_zone in config.xml to the correct value for your locale. Code documentation has been rewritten for compatibility with Doxygen. Fixes pagination when looking up tags or searching.

          Recent comments

          26 Aug 2013 17:32 phpsqlitesite

          This is a good basic blog script. Requires using included script to generate hashed password. Supports file attachments


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