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  •  17 Jul 2012 07:13

Release Notes: The GUI was rewritten from scratch to fix kinetic scrolling, enable single tapping for opening folders on Symbian touch devices, and restore desktop support. It was also made generally easier to use. Keypad shortcuts were added for S60v3 (Symbian non-touch) devices and keyboard shortcuts for desktop platforms. Switching between different application versions without losing settings (including login) is now allowed. Miscellaneous bugs were fixed.

  •  30 Mar 2012 21:17

Release Notes: This release adds an option for shareable links. It makes some GUI updates and fixes some bugs.

  •  18 Mar 2012 19:45

Release Notes: This release changes the upload method to allow larger file sizes, switches to version 1 of the Dropbox API, makes some GUI updates, and fixes some bugs.

  •  30 Aug 2011 14:36

Release Notes: The UI was rewritten to support S60v3 devices (which are not touch devices), to better integrate with Symbian, and to stabilize kinetic scrolling. The UI no longer supports desktop platforms. An option was added to get the Dropbox referral link. An option was added to get public links to files in the public folder.

  •  14 Apr 2011 21:24

Release Notes: This release adds a file upload feature and has many GUI enhancements and bugfixes.


Project Spotlight


A 2D CAD program.


Project Spotlight


A C implementation of the DKIM message signing/verifying standard, both an API and a filter.