Version 0.1 of DropAFew

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Release Notes: Improvements were made for use on PDAs, mobile phones, or text-mode browsers. This release added the ability to weigh-in and show the history of weigh-ins. The Trend Chart was improved. The user preferences now handle more time zones. It is now possible to roll back logged in items to the night before with one click. Unnecessary SQL for showing stats was removed. The PHP and HTML coding style and form validation was improved. Several experimental features were added, including a PDF report showing logged items, the ability to view weigh-in plots on the Trend Chart, a more useful Splurge Worksheet, and a CSS navbar/pull-down menus.

Release Notes: There is a now a Splurge Worksheet to help offset days when you overeat. Choose how many days you want to offset the splurge over, and the program will suggest new Target Calories for those "fix" days. Also, users from different timezones can use the same Web host by setting their own hours offset on the Preferences page.

Release Notes: The weight maintenance calories logic considers more factors now such as gender, age, height, and activity level in addition to weight. There are several new themes and CSS changes. The online demo site is updated with these changes.

  •  28 Oct 2004 17:39

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A Mod_Perl HTTP Authentication module using salted SHA2.


Project Spotlight


A library that decodes and encodes GIF image files.