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  •  22 Nov 2013 01:32

    Release Notes: This release adds updated HTML/CSS for mobile devices, HTTPS support, HTTP basic authentication, an option to change uploaded file permissions, and support for HTML5 multiple file uploads.

    •  09 Jan 2012 00:21

      Release Notes: This release adds a Taiwanese translation.

      •  28 Sep 2011 21:07

        Release Notes: This release will correctly save messages with --save-config.

        •  08 Jul 2011 22:41

          Release Notes: A Polish translation has been added.

          •  26 Jun 2011 13:01

            Release Notes: A bug regarding filesystem name encoding was fixed. The --dl option is written to the configuration file.

            •  02 May 2011 00:08

              Release Notes: This release added an option to let clients download files and a CSS speech bubble.

              •  30 Nov 2010 21:43

                Release Notes: CSS and HTML update. Switched to the new BSD license.

                •  23 May 2010 18:17

                  Release Notes: A Simplified Chinese translation has been added.

                  •  21 May 2010 17:45

                    Release Notes: Hungarian and Russian translations were added. The %APPDATA% Windows environment variable is now used to save the configuration file.

                    •  29 Dec 2009 16:39

                      Release Notes: Galician and Brazilian Portuguese translations were added. IE layout was fixed.


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