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  •  26 Oct 2011 02:03

Release Notes: Fremont has gone beta with this release. It adds multi-master replication, UUIDs for replication, a JSON interface, merged Percona Innodb patches, Xtrabackup in-tree, an IPV6 data type, a query login plugin (syslog) enabled/on by default, the ability to publish transactions to zeromq, improvements to the logging stats plugin, and a word on stored procedure interface. It removes the drizzleadmin utility and HailDB engine, and revamps the testing system with suites of randgen, sysbench, sql-bench, and crashme tests.

  •  15 Feb 2011 22:14

Release Notes: New BOOLEAN and UUID types. Drizzle can now fork into the background via --daemon. Cartesian joins no longer work; this might break some applications. They can still be achieved via CROSS JOIN or through the use of a WHERE clause. This was put in place to prevent runaway queries. The InnoDB transaction log is working and tested. Both the file-based and InnoDB-based logs are available. Continued work on system variables. The file has been removed, as Drizzle no longer uses it. Continued work on catalogs. Continued work on the documentation. Various other bugfixes.

  •  02 Feb 2011 09:42

Release Notes: Progress on catalogs has continued. HailDB now can get rec_per_key index statistics (via HailDB 2.3 cairo API). HailDB now supports ANALYZE for updating table stats. The --my-data-is-mangled option was added to drizzledump for handling MySQL charset migration issues. An SQLAlchemy dialect is now available for Drizzle (and was merged into SQLAlchemy main). A new nascent test-runner,, is in the tree for testing. remains in the tree as the standby while development continues. Unittests were migrated to boost. Various updates were made to the online documentation. Various other bugs were fixed.

  •  18 Jan 2011 22:28

Release Notes: This is a bug blitz release, with 40+ fixes and several others closed out or pending release in the next tarball.

  •  04 Jan 2011 21:35

Release Notes: Cleanup of drizzled command line options. Refactored drizzleslap code. The innobase plugin has been updated to be based on innodb 1.1.4 from MySQL 5.5.8. All timers in Drizzle have been updated to be microsecond internally. This release adds a TIME data type, a BOOLEAN data type, an assert() function, a typeof() function, and a result_type() function. Updates to the storage engine API and testing tool. Continued work on transaction log code. Various bugfixes.

  •  22 Dec 2010 09:38

Release Notes: The InnoDB plugin is now based on InnoDB 1.1.3 from MySQL 5.5.7. A new UUID data type was added. Embedded InnoDB now supports ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE functionality. HailDB can now send all messages to the drizzle logging plugins instead of just stderr. Documentation additions and improvements were made. Work on sys_var refactoring has continued. Improvements were made to the transaction log. Two very tricky bugs have finally been killed. Several other bugs were fixed.

  •  08 Dec 2010 10:29

Release Notes: The innobase plugin was updated to innobase 1.1.2 from MySQL 5.5.6-rc. Work on sys_vars has continued. Work on user-level locks has continued. A shutdown command was added to the command line client. This can shut down an instance to which you are connected. More work was done on concurrency testing and functions (kill, execute, wait, etc.). Code cleanup was continued. Various bugs were fixed, many around drizzledump migration.

  •  27 Oct 2010 21:56

Release Notes: This release adds user locks. It has continued code cleanup and refactoring. It removes two dead plugins (bad schedulers). It adds documentation on replication, and adds options to the drizzled/messages/transaction_reader program. It adds UTF-8 test cases for Tamil. It adds EXECUTE functionality.

  •  14 Oct 2010 12:11

Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. flex is now required for building, and HailDB is required. sql_string is now 64 bit. All warnings on ICC were fixed and are now considered as errors. "make lcov" was added for running the test suite and producing lcov HTML reports. The test framework now makes use of Drizzle vs. MySQL. MY_BITMAP and Bitmap<> were replaced with STL standard classes. The innobase plugin is now based on innodb_plugin 1.0.6. Documentation and the transaction log were updated. Support for pre/post triggers was added. The code cleanup was continued.


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