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Version 2011.02.09 of Drizzle

Release Notes: Progress on catalogs has continued. HailDB now can get rec_per_key index statistics (via HailDB 2.3 cairo API). HailDB now supports ANALYZE for updating table stats. The --my-data-is-mangled option was added to drizzledump for handling MySQL charset migration issues. An SQLAlchemy dialect is now available for Drizzle (and was merged into SQLAlchemy main). A new nascent test-runner,, is in the tree for testing. remains in the tree as the standby while development continues. Unittests were migrated to boost. Various updates were made to the online documentation. Various other bugs were fixed.

Other releases

  •  24 Sep 2012 00:08

    Release Notes: This release adds Clang support, a Sysbench Qewpie testing suite, numerous bugfixes, dynamic plugin support, and improved documentation.

    •  02 Aug 2012 22:53

      Release Notes: A fix for CTRL-Z for shutdowns. Many updates to the JSON server. Improvements completed on Catalog support. ZeroMQ and Gearman support have been updated. Updates to the AUTH_HTTP authentication module. Documentation enhancements. The testing framework has been updated. Regex Policy updates.

      •  23 May 2012 23:01

        Release Notes: This release includes ongoing bugfixes, as well as build fixes for Ubuntu. The Gearman module has also been fixed with both older and newer versions of libgearman.

        •  05 Apr 2012 12:36

        Release Notes: This release adds multi-master replication, identifies servers with UUIDs in replication, provides an (experimental) HTTP JSON interface, merges Percona Innodb patches, provides Xtrabackup in-tree, makes an IPV6 data type available, adds a query log plugin, enables log output to syslog by default, can publish transactions to zeromq and rabbitmq, improves the logging stats plugin, supports native multi-tenancy (database virtualization, catalogs), removes the drizzleadmin utility (all administration is handled via the drizzle client) and the HailDB engine, and continues code refactoring and various bugfixes.

        •  16 Feb 2012 01:47

        Release Notes: This is the first release candidate for Drizzle 7.1 Changes since the previous release include various bugfixes, a new versioning system, and updated documentation.


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        Project Spotlight


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