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DrasticTools can be used to visualize table data in a Grid (DrasticGrid), in a Cloud (DrasticCloud), and on a Google Map (DrasticMap). The grid supports pagination, sorting, and in-line editing of data. This tool is the successor of MySQLPHPGrid.


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  •  29 May 2010 10:50

Release Notes: Strict error checking was implemented. In DrasticGrid, a new refreshComplete method was added to refresh the grid if the number of rows changed along with a deselectRow method that deselects the selection in the grid. Clicking on the selected row deselects that row. A bug with the page number in the scroll bar when there are multiple grids on one page was fixed. In DrasticMap, a 'displayname' option was added.

  •  15 Jun 2009 00:53

    Release Notes: DrasticGrid has support for multiple grids on one page (see ExampleGrid7). DrasticGrid has a new DDTYPEKEY type, and a new example using DDTYPEKEY (ExampleGrid11).

    •  09 Apr 2009 13:40

      Release Notes: Support for images in cells and for joined tables (read only) was added. Clicking on a link in a URL cell opens the link in a new window. A problem where MAILTO and URL cells could not be edited in IE7 was fixed. A bug with blur on enum cells was fixed. In DrasticGrid the style of the scrollbar was changed. Constraints were fixed in ExampleGrid5.php.

      •  19 Feb 2009 00:54

      Release Notes: onAddStart, onDeleteStart, and onUpdateStart have been improved. Style sheets have been improved. The logo has been removed from grid, cloud, and map. Characters such as & and # can now be included in cells. This release has a transparent background for delete icons.

      •  01 Sep 2008 01:58

      Release Notes: 'scrollbarposition' can be left or right. An 'addparams' option. A redesign of the style of the grid. Cursors have been improved in the grid. The ability to give headers of read-only/editable columns a different CSS style. Performance improvements. Many bugfixes.


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